Impressive iPhone 16 Concept Shows Innovative Vertical Camera Setup with LiDAR Sensor for Enhanced AR Features

With the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro launch, Apple narrowed the gap between the standard and the ‘Pro’ models this year. The iPhone 15 features a Dynamic Island on the display with upgraded camera hardware and better internals compared to its predecessor. However, it is never too early to begin speculating what the company will introduce with the iPhone 16 lineup. A new iPhone 16 concept shows a redesigned camera layout for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, along with a LiDAR scanner and Action Button.

We are expecting significant changes from next year’s iPhone 16 lineup. While the ‘Pro’ models will be the event’s highlight, the company will also ensure that the standard models receive prominent upgrades. The latest iPhone 16 concept is designed by X user @upintheozone and shows the back and front of the phone, which is expected to launch in September 2024.

Apple is gradually expanding its efforts in the field of augmented reality, followed by the launch of the Vision Pro headset. The company recently released the ability to record spatial video for the iPhone 15 Pro models in the latest iOS 17.2 beta. The feature uses the iPhone 15 Pro’s upgraded camera hardware and the LiDAR scanner to record the depth of objects and people in the frame. The new iPhone 16 concept imagines the same LiDAR scanner in the standard iPhone 16 models.

As you can see in the concept images, the LiDAR scanner is situated in the same spot as the ‘Pro’ models. If Apple goes ahead, the standard models will boast the sensor for the first time since its debut on the non-Pro models. You can also see that the designer envisions the camera sensors in a vertical fashion instead of a diagonal. Apple switched to the diagonal layout of the camera sensors with the iPhone 13. Similar to the iPhone 16 concept, the iPhone 12 introduced the vertical camera sensors.

The concept creator also suggests that Apple will replace the Mute Switch on the iPhone 16 models with an Action Button. Only the iPhone 15 Pro models are currently equipped with an Action Button that brings enhanced functionality to the table. The standard models still house a Mute Switch. Other than this, Apple will upgrade the camera sensors of the iPhone 16 coupled with a faster 3nm chip, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Apart from hardware, Apple is also working to introduce generative AI features with iOS 18. With the new hardware and software upgrades, the iPhone 16 will compete better against its ‘Pro’ siblings and the competition. As mentioned, Apple will announce the iPhone 16 in the second half of next year.