iPhone 16 Pro Camera Enhancements Linked to Larger Chassis, Possible Slight Sunken Capacitive Button

Apple has big plans for 2024, as it has a plethora of product upgrades in the works. We are expecting the company to release new OLED iPad Pro models in the coming months alongside the new M3 MacBook Air refresh. However, the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a great deal of improvements on the inside as well as the outside. A tipster has now shared details on the iPhone 16 Pro’s design, camera, and button layout.

  • iPhone 16 Pro could feature a slightly bigger chassis, allowing more space for better camera hardware and a new capacitive button
  • The iPhone 15 Pro launched with a titanium frame, and the company will potentially stick to it for a couple of years before switching to some other material. According to Majin Bu on X, the iPhone 16 Pro could feature a slightly bigger display than the current model. However, the tipster states that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will not change in size. It was previously reported that both models of the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a bigger chassis. This would also make room for a bigger display on both models.
  • The iPhone 16 Pro is slated to feature a 6.3-inch display, while the ‘Pro Max’ will come with a 6.8-inch display. The bigger chassis will create more room, allowing the device to house a periscope lens. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a tetraprism lens for 5x optical zoom, but the smaller variant lacks the upgrade due to its size. This means that the iPhone 16 Pro will have an enhanced camera system that matches the likes of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Besides this, the tipster also mentions that Apple has plans to launch the iPhone 16 Pro with a new capacitive button. This is not the first time we have heard details on a flushed capacitive button. It was previously reported that the ‘Pro’ models will feature a pressure-sensitive button below the Power or Side button. The new button will potentially be called the “Capture Button” and perform dedicated functions for the iPhone 16 Pro’s camera. According to past reports, the capture button would be responsible for handling video-related features of the device.

Since the Capture Button will be capacitive, it will not protrude. The tipster claims the button could be slightly sunken, if not completely flat. It is still too early to conclude the design since the launch is months away. Until the device enters mass production, there will be a lot of details regarding the design and form factor of the iPhone 16 Pro. Apple is also working on various AI-related features for the iPhone 16 Pro models, which will be exclusively available on the device courtesy of the A18 Pro chip.

The tipster also shared details on the iPhone 16, suggesting that it could feature the ability to capture spatial video. Furthermore, it will feature a design similar to that of the iPhone 12 with a vertical camera layout. The camera sensors could work alongside the new LiDAR scanner which will gather depth details in the photos and videos. We will share additional details as soon as further information is available.