Next Year's iPhone 16 Pro Camera Set for a Monumental Upgrade

The iPhone 16 Pro is rumored to receive a significant upgrade to its ultra-wide lens camera. According to a reliable leaker on Weibo, Apple plans to add a 48MP sensor to the ultra-wide lens, following the addition of a 48MP sensor to the iPhone 14 Pro a few years ago. There are also reports suggesting that Apple will upgrade the telephoto lens with a 48MP sensor, but this would be for the iPhone 17 Pro. The improved sensor on the iPhone 16 Pro camera will allow for better low-light photography and improved results when taking pictures in 0.5x mode. It is believed that this camera upgrade will enable the iPhone 16 Pro to offer 4K spatial videos. Apple introduced the Vision Pro feature with the iPhone 15 Pro, but it was limited to Full HD capture. It is expected that Apple will expand spatial videos to all iPhone 16 models, but the Pro versions will come with an enhanced version of this function. Other changes to the iPhone 16 Pro cameras include adding a periscope lens to the smaller model and increasing the display size to 6.3- and 6.9-inch options. Both Pro models will have 5x zoom capabilities, not just the larger version. The primary lens of the Pro models will use Sony’s newest 2-layer system, which can capture more light and reduce noise. This will improve low-light photography and dynamic range. In addition to the camera upgrades, the iPhone 16 is expected to have improved processors, battery life, and forthcoming iOS 18 features with generative AI capabilities.