Rumors suggest iPhone 16 Pro to feature tetraprism camera similar to iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new tetraprism camera lens, similar to the one found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, in its upcoming iPhone 16 Pro. The tetraprism lens allows Apple to fold light and create a telephoto lens capable of a 5x optical zoom, surpassing the 3x zoom of previous models and the telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Pro. Initial reports suggested that the lens couldn’t be included in the iPhone 15 Pro due to size constraints, but it appears that Apple has resolved this issue and will include the 5x zoom lens in the iPhone 16 Pro. The report aligns with similar claims by The Elec and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, indicating that both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature improved zoom capabilities. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a slightly larger display of 6.3 inches, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that these details are based on pre-production hardware and may not reflect the final product.