Apple iPhone 16 Pro

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is a new smartphone that the author, a daily Android user, had the opportunity to test for a few weeks. Despite being initially worried about transitioning from Android to iPhone, the author found the iPhone 15 Pro to have many great features, such as built-in ray tracing for gaming, multiple lenses for capturing images, and a speedy chipset for smooth multitasking. The author believes that while there may be a learning curve for Android users switching to iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro is a great device to switch to.

In terms of design, the iPhone 15 Pro is smaller, thinner, and more comfortable to hold compared to Android devices the author has used. The back of the phone features a new titanium casing, which the author finds to be sturdy and doesn’t require a case for protection. One notable change is the inclusion of a USB-C charge port, a welcome addition for the author who prefers USB-C cables.

The iPhone 15 Pro features a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate AMOLED display, which the author finds to be bright and crisp. The Always On Display feature is useful for quickly checking the time and notifications without pressing the power button.

The performance of the iPhone 15 Pro is praised, especially for mobile gaming. The new A17 Pro chip feels fast and allows for smooth app swapping and multitasking. The author mentions missing the back swipe feature found on Android devices but finds alternative navigation options on the iPhone. The ray-tracing technology on the device is praised for its realistic colors and detailed graphics. The author also enjoys the software features, such as NameDrop for easily adding contacts and the ability to create fun stickers using photos.

The camera on the iPhone 15 Pro is highlighted for its great low-light images and smooth 4K video recording. The author praises the ability to adjust settings to capture the desired look in photos. The battery life of the iPhone 15 Pro is found to be all-day with some extra juice, allowing the author to navigate New York City without worrying about running out of battery.

Overall, the author considers the iPhone 15 Pro to be a great value pick, particularly for those coming from an Android device. It offers powerful cameras, impressive battery life, and an easy-to-use ecosystem. The author recommends it to both iPhone fans and those wanting to explore the world of iPhone compared to Android.

The author, a consumer tech and electronics writer, tested the iPhone 15 Pro as their main device for two weeks, using it for various tasks such as photography, messaging, making calls, and gaming. The camera was tested in different settings, and the device was cross-tested with Google’s camera system.