The Upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Will Have a Revolutionary Camera Upgrade, Along with Larger Sizes for Both Models in 2024 | iMore

The iPhone 16 Pro is set to receive a major camera upgrade, including the long-rumored tetraprism Telephoto lens, which will greatly improve zoom functionality. Both the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will also feature larger screens. According to MacRumors, these enhancements were originally reported by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

With the addition of the tetraprism Telephoto lens, the iPhone 16 Pro will have a 5x optical zoom capability, similar to the current best iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This will allow for better quality shots. Apple’s software is designed to work seamlessly with the cameras, and an upgrade to the Pro cameras will provide more information for the software to process.

While the improvements are welcomed, they do blur the distinction between the two models, with size and storage being the only significant differences. If you prefer a larger screen for watching movies or playing games and have no issue with the size, the Pro Max is the obvious choice, offering slightly expanded storage at a lower price. On the other hand, if you find the Pro Max models too bulky or worry about them fitting in your pockets, the Pro is the better option.

It should be noted that some users, like iMore’s own John-Anthony, have previously found the Pro and Pro Max models to be uncomfortable due to their size and feel. For those who struggle with larger phones, the iPhone 16 Pro’s increased size may not provide any relief.

Overall, Apple’s commitment to improving the Pro cameras and zoom functionality is encouraging, giving users more options and capabilities when it comes to photography.