Leaked details suggest iPhone 16 could present redesigned button and camera arrangements

The iPhone 16 is expected to feature significant changes to its button and camera layout, according to information obtained by MacRumors. Pre-production designs for the 2024 iPhone reveal a vertically aligned camera module that resembles the iPhone X module. This design aligns with Apple’s emphasis on spatial video capture, which requires two cameras to function properly. Additionally, one of the designs showcases a unified volume button, replacing the separate up and down buttons. Initially, there were plans for a solid-state button with haptic feedback, but this idea has been scrapped. All three prototypes also feature an action button, which may become capacitive in next year’s model. The black model, expected to be the most likely for production, includes a larger action button and an additional Capture Button. However, it’s important to note that these prototypes often differ from the final product, although the iPhone 16 is likely to incorporate elements from these designs.