Barclays Predicts Slowing Sales for iPhone 16 Due to Lackluster Features and Upgrades in 2024

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 16 later this year, with four new models expected to be released as the successors to the iPhone 15 series. However, analysts from Barclays believe that these new models will not offer anything exceptional, which could result in a sales slowdown for Apple in 2024. The analysts did not specify what changes will be made to the iPhone 16 lineup, raising questions about the basis for their remarks. It is rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will come with a tetraprism telephoto camera, and the flagship model may even have an exclusive ‘super telephoto’ unit. More exclusive upgrades are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks. Barclays also predicts a deceleration in growth for Apple’s Services division, with an increase of only 10 percent in fiscal 2024 and 8 percent in fiscal 2025, below the previous estimate of 20 percent. Despite this analysis, the Apple Vision Pro, considered to be the company’s most ambitious product, was not mentioned by the analysts. It is advised to wait for more updates before drawing conclusions about this year’s flagship lineup.