Apple's Insider Reveals the Function of the Enigmatic "Capture" Button on the iPhone 16 Series

We have heard that Apple will introduce a new button called the “Capture” button on the iPhone 16 series. This button will be located on the right side of the handset, below the power button. It will be a capacitive button that provides haptic feedback when touched by a user’s finger. It is expected that this button will be used to quickly take photos and start video recordings. Bloomberg’s Apple beat writer, Mark Gurman, mentioned in his newsletter that the 2024 iPhone models will have a dedicated button for shooting videos. It is likely that this button will be used solely for video recording and not for taking still photographs.

In the United States, the placement of the Capture button on the right side of the phone has led Apple to move the antenna for high-band mmWave 5G signals to the left side of the phone, below the Action button and volume buttons. However, non-U.S. versions of the iPhone 16 do not have an mmWave antenna that is affected by the placement of the Capture button.

There has been an update to iOS 17.2 that allows the rear cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to record immersive spatial video using both the Wide and Ultra-wide cameras. These videos can be viewed in 3D using the Vision Pro headsets, providing a unique and immersive viewing experience. Given the renders of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, which feature a vertical camera setup similar to the iPhone 12 series, it is likely that the non-Pro models of the iPhone 16 series will also be able to record spatial videos.