Spatial Video Capabilities Expected in iPhone 16, New Rumors Suggest

Back in May, it was reported that the iPhone 16 would get a vertically aligned camera bump similar to the iPhone 12. A new rumor today claims that one of the iPhone 16 designs Apple is testing not only rearranges the camera lenses but also redesigns the camera bump itself.

Today’s report was published on MacRumors by someone associated with a somewhat popular leaks account from the iPhone 15 rumor cycle. The report emphasizes that the new details come from pre-production information and that Apple’s plans could change.

According to the report, the iPhone 16 is being tested with two different designs for the camera bump. One design is identical to the current iPhone 15 camera bump but with the lenses arranged vertically rather than diagonally (similar to the iPhone 12).

The other design is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X, with a unified vertical camera bump that houses both lenses. The report is a bit unclear and suggests that the “design we are expecting at this point” is the iPhone 12-style design but also says that “Apple is considering” the iPhone X-style design as well.

With the iPhone 15 Pro this year, Apple adjusted the layout of the three camera lenses, swapping the location of the Telephoto and Ultra Wide lenses. This change is what enables the iPhone 15 Pro to record spatial video for Vision Pro.

If Apple moves forward with rearranging the iPhone 16 camera layout, you would presumably also be able to record spatial video with those phones as well. This isn’t mentioned in today’s report, but it’s the logical explanation for this design change.

Today’s report ultimately concludes that “Apple’s design plans have not yet been finalized” and that “additional changes are always possible.”