iPhone 16 Models Rumored to Introduce Dedicated 'Snap Button'

MacRumors has revealed new details about the design of the iPhone 16, including the addition of a dedicated button called the Capture Button. While the exact function of this button has not been specified, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that it will be used for recording video. The Capture Button is expected to be a capacitive button with haptic feedback, and it may include a force sensor to recognize pressure. The location of the button suggests that it will be easy to trigger, and holding it down may launch the camera and start video recording. The article speculates that the button will likely be configurable, similar to this year’s Action button. The author also expresses a desire for a hardware shutter button on iPhones, as it allows for better control over exposure and focus. The current position of the Action button on the iPhone 16 Pro is not ideal for this purpose, as it is located on the frame of the phone and not easily accessible with the right index finger. Overall, the author is excited about the potential addition of the Capture Button to the iPhone 16 and hopes it will enhance the camera experience.