The Impact of iPhone 16's Spatial Video on Apple Vision Pro

Apple is focusing on spatial video and there are hints that this feature may be coming to the iPhone 16. The recent iOS 17.2 update allows the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to capture spatial video using both main and ultrawide camera lenses. This footage is saved as a single file with computational editing to create a more immersive video experience. Tech writers who tried this feature using the Apple Vision Pro headset found it to be a highly immersive and emotional experience. However, to fully enjoy spatial video, users will need to purchase the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset, which will cost $3,500. Additionally, only the expensive iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are currently capable of capturing spatial video.

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 16 suggest that it may come with the ability to capture spatial video. Alleged prototypes of the iPhone 16 show a change in the camera layout, with vertically aligned wide and ultrawide lenses similar to the iPhone 15 Pro models. This change would allow the iPhone 16 to capture spatial video. However, more powerful processors will also be needed, and it is rumored that the iPhone 16 will come equipped with Apple’s A18 silicon. While the standard iPhone is still expensive, starting at $799, it would be a more affordable option compared to the Pro models.

It remains to be seen if spatial video capture will be a persuasive feature for users to upgrade to the iPhone 16. Apple is likely to offer many other improvements and features with the new model. The Apple Vision Pro headset, which is required for fully experiencing spatial video, is a niche device with a high price tag. It is uncertain if the ability to capture spatial video up close will be enough to convince users to invest in the headset. Spatial video capture may be a more long-term feature, considering the increasing lifespan of smartphones. As users hold onto their iPhones for longer, a lower-priced version of a spatial computing headset from Apple may become available, making spatial video capture more accessible.