The Upcoming IPhone 17 Pro Max Could Feature An Impressive Telephoto Camera With 10x Optical Zoom - Gadget Enthusiasts Await

The next generation of iPhones, possibly the iPhone 17 Pro Max, is rumored to feature a telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. The iPhone 15 Pro Max was the first in Apple’s lineup to have a telephoto camera with a five-fold optical zoom based on a tetraprism module. However, Apple is reportedly planning to switch to a tetraprism module with 10x zoom and replace the current supplier, LG Innotek, with ICT, a subsidiary of Luxshare. The exact timing of this change is uncertain, but it is unlikely to happen next year. The upcoming generation of iPhones is expected to retain the same module, with the addition of a smaller Pro model alongside the Pro Max. It is possible that the new camera will be a key feature of the iPhone 17 lineup, potentially exclusive to the most expensive model. There is speculation that Apple may also include a secondary telephoto camera with a smaller zoom, such as three times, alongside the 10x zoom.