iPhone Panoramic Camera Techniques

iPhone Panoramic Camera Tricks

Want to expand your iPhone photography skills? You’ve probably been using the iPhone pano camera feature for years, but as it happens, there are two simple ways to capture extraordinary images.

Recently we saw a viral post of comedian Tessa Coates that showed her standing in front of two mirrors. The weird part was that in all three poses, her arms/hands were in different positions. As it turns out, it was an accidental pano shot and that’s the first way to use the iPhone camera feature to create other-worldly results.

iPhone Panoramic Camera Tricks

Multi-pose Pano

On X, user Huelya shared a video showing off a range of creative ways to use multiple-pose panoramic shots. The results feel like they’re photoshopped or AI-created but they’re shots you can take as long as you have an extra set of hands to help out. Also, using a tripod to stabilize your shots can be helpful for this. As shown below, using mirrors and shadows are cool ways to play with the multiple-pose panoramic shots.

Vertical Pano

The other trick to getting next-level shots from iPhone with the pano feature is turning your 90 degrees and grabbing vertical panoramas instead of horizontal ones. This is handy for capturing impressive landscapes like skyscrapers, nature, and more.

Check out the fun video below for inspiration: