iPhone 18: Apple's Secret Plans for Five Cutting-Edge Features in 2030

Apple is already planning ahead for its iPhone lineup in 2025, and the rumored features for the iPhone 17 series have started to surface. Here are five features that are expected to be included in the iPhone 17:

  1. Larger Standard Devices: The display sizes for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are rumored to increase, and the same larger sizes are expected to be carried over to the standard iPhone 17 models. This means that the iPhone 17 lineup will feature a taller aspect ratio of 19.6:9, resulting in slightly taller devices.

  2. 120Hz ProMotion (Always-on Display): Apple plans to introduce its ProMotion technology to the standard iPhone models in 2025. This will enable a smoother scrolling and video experience, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Additionally, the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus will be capable of displaying information on the Lock Screen even when the device is locked, thanks to a more power-efficient refresh rate as low as 1Hz.

  3. Under-Display Face ID: The iPhone 17 Pro is expected to be the first iPhone to feature under-panel Face ID technology. The front-facing camera will utilize under-display Face ID, with only a small circular cutout visible on the screen. This move towards under-display cameras will likely be seen in future “Pro” iPhone models as well, eventually leading to a completely “all-screen” appearance.

  4. Apple-Designed Wi-Fi 7 Chip: The premium iPhone 17 Pro models will be equipped with Apple’s own Wi-Fi 7 chip for the first time. This chip will support data transmission over the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands simultaneously, resulting in faster Wi-Fi speeds, lower latency, and improved connectivity. By using their own Wi-Fi chip, Apple can reduce their reliance on external suppliers.

  5. 48MP Telephoto Lens: The iPhone 17 Pro Max is expected to come with an upgraded 48-megapixel Telephoto lens. This lens will be optimized for use with Apple’s Vision Pro headset, set to be released in early 2024. With this upgrade, the “Pro Max” will have a rear camera system consisting entirely of 48-megapixel lenses, allowing for even more detailed photographs.

These rumored features give us a glimpse into what we can expect from Apple’s 2025 iPhone lineup. As always, these are just rumors and plans may change as the development progresses. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting peek into the future of Apple’s smartphones.