Is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro a Great Camera in 2024? - Fstoppers Evaluation

Is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro a Good Camera in 2024? - Fstoppers Review


When the iPhone 14 Pro was released, it marked a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the 13 Pro. Notable improvements included a hardware and software upgrade for the camera, extended battery life, and the introduction of the ProMotion 120 Hz display.

The decision to purchase the 14 Pro was influenced by the need to replace a broken 12 Mini. Despite initial reluctance, the 14 Pro’s superior camera capabilities, fast performance, and adequate battery life for a day’s use, especially for non-gamers, made it a compelling choice.

Build Quality

The iPhone 14 Pro, constructed from glass and aluminum, demonstrates a sturdy build, arguably more robust than the 15 Pro. Its glass back necessitates the use of a protective case. The phone has shown resilience against falls and boasts impressive water resistance, functioning well even underwater.


The iPhone 14 Pro stands out with features like the dynamic island, high display brightness, and overall speed and reliability. The camera, with a larger sensor than the 13 Pro, delivers enhanced low-light performance, dynamic range, and detail capture. The phone excels in capturing skin tones and offers improved Lidar technology for portrait captures. However, its low-light capabilities are limited to the 1x camera, and the default image sharpening can be excessive.

The Bad

A notable drawback of the iPhone 14 Pro is the absence of a USB-C port, alongside the necessity for a protective case due to its glass back.

What I Liked

  • Camera
  • Battery Life
  • Dynamic Island
  • Build Quality and Reliability

Closing Thoughts

The iPhone 14 Pro, a commendable choice in 2023, is likely to remain relevant until the release of the 16 Pro. While the 15 Pro offers minor improvements like a USB-C port and enhanced video capabilities, it does not significantly outperform the 14 Pro in camera performance. The 14 Pro, nearly perfect in its current form, is a recommended choice over the 15 Pro, especially considering the cost savings.