Bridging the Gap: Connecting Your Mac and iPhone with These Sonoma Features

Widgets have finally arrived on the macOS desktop. They are simple to use and can be customized based on your preferences and needs. You can add and remove widgets easily, and even drag and drop them from the Notification Center to your desktop. Furthermore, you can also add iPhone widgets to your Mac’s desktop, even if you don’t have the corresponding app downloaded on your computer. This can be done by enabling the “Use iPhone Widgets” option in the System Settings.

Another new feature in macOS Sonoma is the auto-sorting grocery list feature in the Reminders app. To use this feature, you can create a new list and select “Groceries” as the list type. Then, you can create categories within the list, such as meats, produce, and miscellaneous items. The items you add to the list should be automatically sorted into the appropriate categories. However, this feature may have some bugs, so it’s recommended to keep trying and manually sort the items if necessary.

In terms of messaging, Sonoma brings parity between iPhones and Macs when it comes to the iMessage experience. You can now use tap-back reactions and reply to messages directly on your Mac, just like you would on your iPhone. One particularly useful feature is the reply function, which allows you to swipe across a message and reply to it directly. This can be helpful in complicated conversations or group chats. To use the reply function, you can either swipe two fingers to the right or click the message with two fingers and select “Reply” from the drop-down menu.