The People Behind Your Beloved Brands: Meet Cathy You, the Mind behind Aqara Smart Home Products

My journey into the technology industry has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences across various sectors. I began my career in the finance industry, working in investment banking and principal investments. This foundational experience honed my analytical mindset and strategic problem-solving approach. I then pivoted to big data analytics and strategy within a digital marketing firm that deepened my understanding of market and user needs through closer client interactions. Later on, I embraced a strategic role at a major technology firm, which sparked my interest in consumer technology. Four years ago, I moved to Aqara, and it has been an immensely rewarding experience to develop tangible smart solutions and products that help transform users’ lifestyles.

The Inspiration for the Aqara Video Doorbell G4 and Smart Lock U100 stems from our commitment to crafting products that offer users maximum flexibility and convenience. We recognized the challenge for doorbell users without existing wiring at their front doors. To address this, we developed a doorbell with a battery option. The G4 doorbell stands out for its broad compatibility — it’s one of the few wireless doorbells on the market today that supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home. The U100 smart lock provides users with multiple unlocking methods, allowing them to choose the one that best fits their routine and lifestyle. Used in conjunction with the Aqara Home App, these two products enable users to unlock their doors remotely after viewing their doorbell video, adding another layer of convenience and simplicity.

Developing the Video Doorbell G4 and Smart Lock U100 presented us with intriguing challenges. Our main hurdle was the ambitious task of creating a wireless video doorbell that not only conformed to the rigorous standards of Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) but also optimized for battery efficiency. Our team had already achieved HSV support for our indoor cameras, reaffirming our dedication to upholding the highest security standards. The pivotal moment came when we managed to integrate our energy-efficient technology with HSV support in our battery-powered video doorbell. This accomplishment has distinguished the Video Doorbell G4 as the first — and currently the only — HSV-certified battery-powered doorbell in the market.

The Video Doorbell G4 serves as a guardian for your home, offering security and convenience. With its high-resolution camera and two-way audio communication, users can have a real-time view of their doorstep and communicate with visitors remotely. This not only bolsters home security but also provides peace of mind, as users can monitor and engage with their environment while away. For added flexibility, there are several data storage options available — users may opt for the encrypted cloud storage on the Aqara or Apple’s iCloud platforms, and local storage with a microSD card or even a NAS storage system are also optional.

On the other hand, the Smart Lock U100 plays a pivotal role in transforming home entry. Its advanced technology permits users to effortlessly control and track entry into their homes using methods like a fingerprint, PIN code, iPhone, Apple Watch, or NFC tag. Access can be securely granted to family, friends, or service personnel via a mobile app or PIN code, obviating the need for physical keys and thus increasing convenience and security with a detailed access log.

Together, these two devices create a cohesive and integrated home entry security ecosystem. They enable efficient, remote management of video surveillance and access, contributing to a secure and streamlined lifestyle. With these tools, users have the liberty to oversee their home security from anywhere, enhancing their sense of autonomy and connectedness.

Ultimately, the Video Doorbell G4 and Smart Lock U100 aim to elevate consumer lifestyles by delivering an advanced, intuitive approach to home security and access.