Ming-Chi Kuo Leaks iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 17 Camera Specs; In-Depth Details

In a noteworthy move, Apple has decided to extend the 48MP camera sensor previously exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro series to the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup base models this year. Building on this development, speculations regarding additional upgrades anticipated in the 2024 and 2025 iPhone models have surfaced. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report outlines the significant enhancements expected, hinting at potential price increases for these upcoming iPhone models. Explore the comprehensive details of these advancements and their implications for Apple enthusiasts.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest insights shed light on the anticipated features of the iPhone 16 Pro. Notably, the device is expected to incorporate the tetraprism zoom camera, a characteristic initially introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The standard Pro model is poised for a substantial screen size increase, with projections indicating a new 6.27-inch display—an upgrade from the historical 6.1-inch screen seen in previous vanilla Pro models.

In terms of camera enhancements, Kuo discloses that the standard 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera is set to undergo a remarkable transformation, upgrading to a 48MP 1/2.55-inch (0.7µm) unit. Despite the increased megapixels, the lens is designed to capture pixel-binned 12MP 1.4µm images, ensuring optimal image quality. It’s noteworthy that the ultrawide camera will maintain its 6P lens design. These revelations hint at substantial advancements in camera technology and display dimensions for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro.

Furthermore, Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that the iPhone 17 models will feature a substantial upgrade in their selfie cameras, adopting a new 24MP unit with a 6P lens—a significant improvement over the current 12MP 5P unit. Kuo further notes that Genius (Yujingguang) will be the exclusive supplier for these advanced ultrawide and selfie camera modules, foreseeing a considerable revenue boost for the company in the latter half of 2024 and 2025. This marks a strategic move by Apple to elevate the camera capabilities in their upcoming iPhone releases.