MKBHD Smartphone Awards: iPhone 15 Pro Takes the Crown for Outstanding Camera Performance

YouTuber and tech influencer Marques Browlee, also known as MKBHD, recently announced the winners of his MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023. In the category of best camera, Browlee recognized the iPhone 15 Pro for its exceptional video capabilities. According to Browlee, while there are smartphones that may produce better photos in certain situations, the iPhone is still the king when it comes to overall camera performance and ease of use for both photos and videos. He particularly praised the iPhone’s ability to consistently produce high-quality videos in a wide variety of situations. Browlee also mentioned that the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series now support log recording and can even record directly to an external SSD.

In addition to the best camera award, Browlee also named the iPhone 15 Plus as the smartphone with the best battery. He emphasized that this award is not just about the largest battery capacity, but also about the user experience. Browlee mentioned that the iPhone 15 Plus has an impressive battery life and attributed it to the device’s larger battery and 60Hz display. He described it as a risk-free choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting battery.

In his Smartphone Awards, Browlee recognized top handsets from various manufacturers in different categories. The Google Pixel 8 won the Phone of the Year award, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was named the Best Big Phone and the ASUS Zenphone 10 was named the Best Compact Phone. Browlee also mentioned the Saga Solana Cryptophone as his worst phone of the year.

Overall, Browlee’s awards highlight the iPhone 15 Pro’s exceptional camera performance, particularly in video recording, as well as the impressive battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus. The awards also showcase other outstanding smartphones in various categories.