My Top Picks for HomeKit Secure Video Cameras in 2024

  1. Introduction to HomeKit Secure Video HomeKit Secure Video is Apple’s secure camera recording and management platform. All operations are performed directly through the Home app, where you can manage settings, view recording history, and see real-time camera feeds. The advantages of using HomeKit Secure Video include end-to-end encryption for security, the ability to view all cameras and recordings in the Home app, and control over other smart home accessories. When using cameras with HomeKit Secure Video, there’s no need to rely on the camera manufacturer’s apps or cloud services, reducing dependence on the security practices of camera manufacturers. However, one drawback is that it doesn’t support continuous video recording; it only records when specific “events” are detected. Using HomeKit Secure Video also requires an iCloud+ subscription and a “Home Hub” device, such as a HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV.

  2. Recommended HomeKit Secure Video Cameras

  • a. Ecobee SmartCamera The Ecobee SmartCamera, initially not easy to recommend due to its high price and lack of HomeKit Secure Video support, later became more competitively priced at $99 and gained HomeKit Secure Video support. It features a 1080p camera, two-way audio, and a sleek design.

  • b. Eufy C120 The Eufy Indoor Cam C120 is a rugged entry-level choice known for its performance and reliability. It offers 1080p resolution, two-way audio, and an adjustable stand. It can be used exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video, eliminating security concerns related to Eufy and Anker. It comes at a budget-friendly price, with Amazon pricing under $45 per unit.

  • c. Logitech Circle View The Logitech Circle View can be used as an indoor or outdoor camera and features a waterproof design, but it needs to be close to a power outlet. Compared to the aforementioned Eufy cameras, it offers upgraded night vision, a more premium design, and a 180-degree wide-angle camera. It’s priced at $139.99 on Amazon.

  • d. Eve Outdoor Cam The Eve Outdoor Cam is a feature-rich outdoor camera with 1080p resolution, two-way communication, and night vision. Most notably, it has built-in floodlights that automatically activate based on motion detection. It’s worth noting that the Eve Outdoor Cam is not wireless and requires a connection to a neutral wire and ground wire. It comes at a higher price point, with Amazon pricing at just under $250.

  1. Conclusion These are HomeKit Secure Video cameras that I have used and can endorse. If you also use HomeKit Secure Video cameras, please share your experiences in the comments. I will continue to update this list to include more cameras that I have tested.