The next-generation iPhone is rumored to receive a major design overhaul

Following the release of the iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple faced reports of overheating issues. The problem was later traced back to a software bug in iOS 17, which the company quickly resolved with the release of iOS 17.0.3. However, some speculated that there may have been a hardware factor involved. Now, it seems that Apple is planning to make hardware changes in the upcoming iPhone 16 to address the overheating problem. According to Apple prototype collector Kosutami, two changes are expected. The first is the implementation of a graphene thermal system to improve heat dissipation. Graphene has better thermal conductivity than copper, which is currently used in the iPhone 15 series. The second change is the adoption of a metal shell for the battery in the Pro series, potentially for the same reason. While Apple has previously stated that the overheating issue was not related to hardware, these potential hardware upgrades are encouraging for users concerned about temperature management in future iPhones. It is worth noting that before Apple addressed the overheating issues, some speculated that the use of titanium instead of stainless steel in the iPhone 15 Pro series contributed to the problem. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that titanium could affect thermal efficiency. However, Apple confirmed that the speed of the iPhone 15 Pro’s chipset was not altered in the fix. The iPhone 16 series is expected to be announced and released in September 2024.