Reflecting on 2023: Embracing Nostalgia with the Kodak Super 8 and Beyond

While the news of Apple’s new M3-powered MacBook Pros was still being digested, it was revealed that the entire Apple ‘Scary Fast’ event was filmed using iPhones with Blackmagic Design’s iOS camera software. This demonstrates the image quality of modern smartphones and the importance of lighting in producing quality footage. The use of AI to filter out misinformation and fake news is also being explored, as the sheer volume of information we consume becomes increasingly challenging to filter. Virtual sets are becoming more common in video production, as seen in the launch video for Oracle Red Bull Racing’s RB19 F1 car. Kodak has surprised many by announcing the release of a new Super 8 film camera, catering to those who want a genuine retro experience. Insta360 has introduced the Ace Pro action camera, competing directly with GoPro and DJI. DJI has released the long-awaited 8K/75p Ronin 4D-8K camera, showcasing improved color science and image processing capabilities. The integration of AI in video production raises questions about the future of creative jobs and the extent to which humans will continue to contribute in this field.