Philips Hue Introduces Two Innovative Home Smart Lights - Dymera Wall Light and Secure Floodlight Camera

Philips Hue has introduced two new smart lights for home use: the Dymera wall light and a secure floodlight camera. These additions aim to enhance home lighting and security.

The Dymera wall light features controllable beams, allowing users to adjust the direction and color of the light beams. It offers the flexibility to be fitted horizontally or vertically, and its beams can be manipulated through the Philips Hue app. Each beam’s color can be controlled separately, enabling dual color options simultaneously.

In addition to the Dymera wall light, Philips Hue is launching the Secure floodlight camera. This camera integrates with the Hue app, providing enhanced security features. Planned updates in the first half of 2024 include improvements to security push notifications, event timeline, and automatic light and sound alarms triggered by motion detection. Philips Hue is working on incorporating Amazon Alexa and Google Home support for these secure features, with inquiries made about HomeKit support.

This marks Philips Hue’s first venture into the camera market, and it’s anticipated to bring new hardware and software features to the forefront. The Dymera light is priced at $220/£199 and will be available in the US and the UK from February 27. The Secure Floodlight camera is priced at $350/£299 and is available for purchase starting today.