New Release: Philips Hue Line Introduces Security Cameras, but HomeKit Integration is Missing

The Philips Hue line has expanded its lineup with a set of Philips Hue Secure cameras and sensors designed for home security. The cameras can be used indoors or outdoors and come with 1080p video recording, night vision, and motion trigger alerts. The camera can be mounted on the wall with a screw or placed on a table with an additional stand. The camera has a white plastic casing and a standard camera lens. It does not have HomeKit support, which may be a dealbreaker for users in the Apple ecosystem. The cameras can be integrated with other Hue products through the Hue Bridge for full functionality. The camera is easy to add to the app and has been reliable in testing. Compared to other HomeKit-enabled cameras and Ring cameras, the Hue cameras offer similar performance. The cameras can be paired with Hue lights for automations and offer end-to-end encryption to keep video clips and snapshots private. The cameras can recognize people, pets, and packages and have options for setting up activity and package zones. Up to 10 cameras can be linked to a Hue Bridge, and certain features require a subscription.