Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 may soon integrate THIS Apple camera technology: Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a groundbreaking hybrid glass-plastic lens technology. The lens, known as 1G3P, consists of one part glass and three parts plastic, and is capable of delivering a 5x optical zoom. Kuo predicts that this technology could also be adopted by other Android flagship smartphones, including Huawei’s 2024 flagship model, the P70 Art. Kuo also highlights the advantages of 1G3P lenses, such as their reduced height and competitive pricing compared to 8P lenses. The cost of Huawei’s 1G3P lens is expected to decrease during mass production as yield rates improve. Kuo believes that glass-plastic hybrid lenses, which address lens deformation in compact camera modules, will be widely adopted by high-end smartphones across different platforms. Largan and Sunny Optical are currently the primary manufacturers of these lenses, with Largan enjoying a more favorable position in the market.