Pre-order Apple Vision Pro in 512GB and 1TB storage variants now

Jason Hiner/ZDNET

Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset is officially available for pre-orders, and power users (who are willing to spend) are in for a treat. Beyond the base storage of 256GB, which many critics had been wary about due to the sheer volume of content consumable on the headset, Apple will be offering the Vision Pro in 512GB and 1TB options.

The 512GB configuration will run you $3,699, a $200 price bump from the base level, while the 1TB option will cost $3,899. From the big picture, that’s only a little more than what Apple typically charges for storage upgrades, with $100 increments for iPhones and $200 increments for MacBooks.

Beyond storage size, interested buyers will also have to factor in the price of Zeiss Optical Inserts (readers or prescriptions), which Apple is charging between $99 to $149 for, AppleCare+ for $499 or $24.99 per month, and any additional accessories. In the end, you can expect to pay as much as $4,500 for the highest-configured Vision Pro.

While that’s not as crazy as a fully provisioned, $52,000 Mac Pro, it’s still a lot to spend on a consumer product. But you probably knew that already going into this.