6 Easy Steps to Access the iPhone Camera Instantly

We share a series of tricks to access your iPhone’s camera faster.

Sometimes the perfect photograph is presented for only a few seconds and you have to be very attentive to capture that magical moment. They say that the best camera is the one we have in our pocket, but still, we don’t always have time to quickly open the iPhone camera application…

Therefore, in this guide, we will explain a series of tricks, shortcuts, or functions to quickly open the iPhone camera. They are some very simple iPhone tricks that can be of great help when taking better photos with your iPhone camera.

So if you like photography, whether at a professional or amateur level, we recommend these 6 Ways to Quickly Open the iPhone Camera.

In what situations it is important to open the camera quickly

There are various situations in which it is vitally important to open the iPhone camera faster. or any other electronic device. Not only for taking photos quickly, but also for other measurements for which it can be very convenient.

  • Capture a photo or video.
  • Scan a QR code.
  • Open the last photos taken.
  • Use the camera as a mirror.

How to quickly open the iPhone camera

Apple has made multiple ways available to its users to access the camera more quickly. This is possible through some features exclusive to the iPhone 15 series or even through the iOS Shortcuts app.

  1. Press and hold the Action button: Apple has implemented a new Action button on the side of the iPhone 15 Pro. The new iPhone 15 Pro Action button gives iOS users the ability to customize the actions it performs. So it is possible to quickly open the camera by simply holding down the Action button when the iPhone is locked. The iPhone 15 Pro Action button camera functions are customized like this:
  • Opens Settings.
  • Access the section Action Button.
  • Swipe until you find the icon Camera.
  • Select the mode Photo.
  1. Swipe left on the lock screen: One of the most efficient methods or tricks to quickly open the iPhone camera is to swipe left on the lock screen. It’s as simple as that. A really useful feature when you want to take a photo with your iPhone and you need to open the camera very quickly. Optionally, you can also quickly open the camera from the Camera button in the lower right corner of the blocking screen.

  2. Add a shortcut to the lock screen: Apple allows its iPhone users to add shortcuts to the home screen and lock screen. In addition, many photography applications implement interactive widgets through which you can access more specific special functions for taking or editing photos in a couple of taps. Thanks to iOS Shortcuts, it is possible to quickly open the camera using a very simple shortcut. In addition, you can include it on the lock screen so that you are only a couple of taps away from the screen to access the camera.

  3. Edit Control Center to add the camera: If you want to quickly open Camera on your iPhone and the screen is already unlocked, in addition to adding widgets to the home screen or lock screen, you also have the option to include a Camera button in Control Center.

  4. Double tap back: Did you know you can also open the Camera with the Tap Back feature? That’s right, and play behind where? From your iPhone, of course. This accessibility feature allows you to customize which iOS actions you want to perform by double- or triple-tapping on the back of your iPhone. An almost magical function that will give you the option to open the camera very quickly.

  5. Include the camera in the iPhone Dock: Another of the most effective methods when it comes to taking photos with the camera faster is adding the Camera app icon to your iPhone Dock. The process is really simple and practically all iOS users know it, but we tell you how to do it in case you are not yet familiar with your iPhone’s operating system.

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Thanks to these iOS functions, you can open Camera quickly from your iPhone and you will never miss those wonderful photographs that are captured in brief moments of your daily life again. We hope these tricks have been helpful to you, and as always, thanks for reading.