Musings on Wanderlust, iPhone 15 Debuts, and Controversial Ban: A Recap of September 2023

The long-awaited iPhone 15 was released at Apple’s “Wonderlust” event in September 2023. France, however, had issues with the iPhone 12 and threatened to ban it. France claimed that the iPhone 12 exceeded safe RF radio exposure limits, but Apple and other countries disagreed. France even considered recalling previously sold iPhone 12 models. Apple released an iOS update exclusively for France, which slowed down the iPhone 12 by turning down its cellular modem. Despite the controversy, Apple wanted September 2023 to be about the new iPhone 15 range. The iPhone 15 Pro introduced major changes such as the switch to USB-C, the addition of an Action button, and a titanium finish. Reviewers commented on the color of the blue iPhone 15 edition, suggesting it should be more blue and less light. Apple CEO Tim Cook praised all the new iPhone colors. Drop tests of the iPhone 15 were performed, with predictable results. One woman in China even chewed through a security cable to steal an iPhone 14 Plus. The UK government, on the other hand, pushed for a law that would have required tech companies like Apple to create backdoors into their messaging encryption. However, the law was eventually watered down due to concerns over losing votes. Apple also faced criticism for ignoring calls to reinstate its iCloud Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) detection. The Chinese government sought to control the App Store by requiring all apps to obtain a license. Apple resisted this move publicly but failed to remove apps from the store. In its retail stores, Apple’s relationship with staff has changed, and employees are now under pressure to meet sales targets. Some staff members at Apple’s Southampton UK store announced their intention to unionize. Apple Stores used to be known for providing free advice without pressure to sell, but those days are gone. Despite this, Apple’s stores still hold a special place for customers. A 14-year-old autistic boy went missing after losing his iPhone but was found at an Apple store in Miami after spending the night there.