Apple may introduce a groundbreaking change that could revolutionize the iPhone's camera

Apple is reportedly working on its own in-house camera sensor for future iPhones. This speculation comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who suggests that Apple may be eyeing a similar strategy to its A-series and M-series chip development. Currently, Apple uses Sony’s camera sensors in its iPhones, but switching to its own sensor could lead to improved image processing and potentially push future iPhones to new heights in photography and videography. Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 16, is rumored to feature a stacked CMOS image sensor from Sony, so it may be a while before we see an iPhone with an in-house developed sensor. However, this move could have long-term effects on Apple’s plans, including cost savings, faster development, and the potential for integrating the in-house sensor into other Apple products like iPads. Additionally, an in-house sensor could contribute to the development of spatial video, which is expected to be a showcase feature in Apple’s future mixed reality headsets. While it is not clear when Apple will develop its own camera sensor, it seems to be a matter of time rather than a question of if.