How Spatial Video Technology Could Shed Light on the Redesigned Vertical Camera of iPhone 16

One of the main changes rumored for the regular iPhone 16 models is a switch to a vertical camera alignment instead of the current diagonal alignment. This change is likely not just for design purposes, but to expand the usefulness of Apple Vision Pro by allowing more devices to capture Spatial Videos. Apple had previously teased a spatial computer during the WWDC 2023 keynote and it is impractical to capture such videos using a headset. The iPhone 15 Pro, released in September, was capable of recording Spatial Videos and it is expected that this feature will be expanded to all iPhone 16 models in 2024. The primary and ultra-wide cameras, rather than the LiDAR scanner, are used to create these videos with remarkable depth. The vertical camera alignment in the iPhone 16 would position the cameras similarly to those in the iPhone 15 Pro models. The new A18 chip is expected to be used in the iPhone 16, which will be capable of processing the data required for spatial videos. It is speculated that 4K Spatial Video may be available for the iPhone 16 Pro models, while Full HD recording may be offered for the regular models to entice users to purchase the Vision Pro headset. Despite still being ten months away from the unveiling of the new iPhones, there is already a lot of information known about them.