This advanced smart lock with facial recognition integrates seamlessly with Apple's Home app, Matter, and beyond

With CES 2024 now thoroughly underway, there are plenty of announcements to take in, including one that just saw a very interesting new smart lock unveiled. Smart locks are everywhere these days but there’s no denying that they’re still pretty cool. They add a hint of smarts to any home without too much complication and can be a real boon for people who forget their keys. This new smart lock, the Lockly Visage, has all of the usual bells and whistles as well as one that you might not have come across before. Because while you can indeed tie the new lock into HomeKit and control it via the Home app, that’s far from the only way to open your door. Add in a touchpad and RFID support and you’re starting to get the picture. But the real fun comes when you remember that this thing also supports facial recognition.

That’s right. You can use your face to unlock your door now.

Lockly announced its new product via a press release that takes some reading if only because of the sheer number of ways the Visage can be unlocked. You can use RFID cards if you like, while you can also use your fingerprint if that’s more you kind of style. On top of that there’s support for HomeKit so you can use the Home app and then you can of course also use Siri if you want to roll that way.

But the real story is the facial recognition, right? Being able to unlock your door with your face sounds amazing, although we’re yet to see how well that works.

The lock itself supports Matter, although certification is pending, which is where the Home support comes from. And you can add Home support to your older Lockly apps via an additional $30 hub if you’d rather not replace the whole thing, too.

As for the lock itself, that’ll cost $349 when it goes on sale this summer with both Satin Nickel and Matte Black colorways offered.