This cutting-edge Wi-Fi Air Purifier debuts at CES 2024, compatible with Apple Home using HomeKit

Mila, the maker of some very impressive interconnected home hygiene devices, just extended its range to include a brand-new air purifier. The Mila Air 3 is a brand-new version of the firm’s core product, featuring some updates on the inside that position it to be one of the best HomeKit air purifiers that money can buy. One of the biggest updates is support for the Apple smart home standard, with HomeKit built in. The previous versions of the purifier only supported other standards and Mila’s own app, so this update just widened the pool of users who might be interested in picking one up.

Over the previous models, Mila has made the motors more powerful, giving you more circulation around the room allowing for better purification potential. That new fan is also quieter, so you won’t find yourself deafened every time the system detects the need for cleaner air.

Alongside the Air 3, Mila is launching the ‘Halo,’ a mix of Air purifier and humidifier. This device can detect the moisture and humidity in the air and then compensate by pumping water from its internal tank out in a kind of humidifying vapor. “It’s also powerful enough to eliminate aerosols from the inorganic solids found in tap water, along with bacteria and fungi.”

The air that we breathe on a daily basis, thanks to cars, lorries, and other pollutants, is not the cleanest. An air purifier cleans the air of these issues and makes it cleaner to breathe. They can also be good for those who have allergies to pollen and other airborne pollutants. For those with asthma, an air purifier can clean the air and make it much easier and safer to breathe over the course of the day.

A homekit-connected air purifier is going to make sure that it knows when the air needs purifying and when it can go to sleep, potentially saving you energy. It can also give you readouts of air quality and other metrics — all in the Apple Home app.