The top 12 thrilling cameras coming in 2024, including a successor to Fujifilm X100V and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

In 2023, the photo and video industry saw a lot of advancements in AI technology, which influenced cameras and editing software. Leica and Sony took opposing approaches to AI, with Leica introducing content credentials in the Leica M11-P and Sony planning to follow suit in 2024. Despite the debates surrounding AI, it is clear that it is transforming the way cameras function. In addition to AI, hardware advancements were made in 2023, including the release of cameras like the Nikon Z8, Fujifilm GFX100 II, Panasonic S5 II, and the Sony A9 III. DJI also had a successful year, launching the best consumer drones. Looking forward to 2024, there are several highly anticipated cameras, including the rumored Fujifilm X100V successor and a potential entry by DJI into the mirrorless camera market. Pro sports camera technology, such as the Canon EOS R1, is also expected to debut in 2024, coinciding with the Paris Olympics. The smartphone market is also worth watching, with Apple and Samsung set to release their latest camera offerings.

The 12 most exciting cameras of 2024:

  1. Nikon Z6 III: A successor to the Nikon Z6 II with a new 24MP full-frame sensor, improved high-ISO performance, better autofocus, and 6K video resolution.

  2. DJI Mini 4: A successor to the popular DJI Mini 3, expected to include collision avoidance and subject-tracking modes.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: The successor to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, expected to feature a 50MP 5x optical zoom camera.

  4. Canon EOS R5 II: Tipped for a 2024 launch, rumored to have a 61MP sensor, burst shooting at around 30fps, and improved video frame rates.

  5. Sony RX1R III: Rumored to feature a wider aperture lens, a 61MP sensor, and Sony’s latest autofocus system.

  6. GoPro Max 2: Expected to have better sensors, 5K/60p video, and improved software for a better 360-degree camera experience.

  7. Ricoh GR IV: The rumored successor to the GR III, expected to feature a built-in flash, improved autofocus, and a tilt-touchscreen.

  8. Canon EOS R1: The long-anticipated mirrorless flagship camera from Canon, rumored to have quick burst shooting, mid-resolution, and a ‘quad-pixel’ autofocus sensor.

  9. Pentax compact film camera: Ricoh’s first model in its Film Camera Project, expected to be a compact SLR-style camera.

  10. iPhone 16 Pro Max: Rumored to have significant camera improvements, including a ‘super-telephoto’ camera with a reach up to 300mm.

  11. A new DJI mirrorless camera: DJI could disrupt the mirrorless market with a handheld full-frame sensor camera that shoots 8K video and has best-in-class image stabilization.

  12. Fujifilm X100R: The rumored successor to the X100V, expected to have a 40MP sensor, improved battery life, and in-body image stabilization.