TP Link Introduces Smart Lock with HomeKey Integration and Video Doorbell

In what seems like a good year for both Matter and Apple Home at CES, the latest device to add to the bevy of announcements is from TP-Link, whose New Tapo DL130 Smart Video Lock offers a lot to like. That’s because it’s not just a smart lock, as the name implies, but a video doorbell too!

The DL130 claims to offer up to seven different unlocking methods on the device; a built-in fingerprint sensor, keypad for passcodes, via an app (the Tapo app or Apple Home), RFID, which is similar to NFC, a physical key, using a voice assistant, or best of all perhaps, Apple HomeKey. That actually totals eight methods, but we’re guessing RFID and HomeKey are lumped together in this case.

As you can see, this works not only with Apple Home, but Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. SmartThings isn’t mentioned here, but assuming there’s a Matter update on the horizon, then this would allow it to work with that platform automatically. Aside from the lock portion of the DL30, we have a video doorbell, that features a 2K, 5MP camera to capture video when someone approaches your home, or rings the built in doorbell button. This camera also offers a 180º Field of view, although it does display footage in landscape, so it’s possible you’ll miss Apple’s Package detection feature built into HomeKit Secure Video, presuming the video doorbell is both exposed to HomeKit and works with HomeKit Secure Video to begin with.

As regards connectivity, there’s no mention as to whether this uses WiFi, but given it’s a video doorbell as well, it would have to use WiFi due to the bandwidth required for video. The non-HomeKit version of this lock also use WiFi, which makes total sense.

The lock is not available for sale, with the website merely stating ‘Coming Soon’, but if you’re in the market for a device that does two jobs in one, this might be the product for you.