Unlock TP-Link's Innovative Video Door Lock with a Simple iPhone Tap

TP-Link announced a new video door lock, the Tapo DL130, at CES today. The DL130 is HomeKit-compatible, supports seven unlocking methods, and can be controlled through Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. TP-Link hasn’t announced pricing or a specific release date yet but says more info is coming soon.

The seven unlock methods include a fingerprint scanner, a built-in keypad, and Apple Home Key on the iPhone or Apple Watch. TP-Link says the fingerprint scanner can unlock the device in less than a second and that it also includes a built-in door sensor so you can check if it’s open or not.

The Tapo DL130’s camera films at 2K resolution with a 180-degree field of view. It has a built-in spotlight for color night vision and a speaker that can play prerecorded responses to visitors. TP-Link debuted a similar video door lock last year, though that one only worked with Google’s and Amazon’s smart home platforms.

TP-Link isn’t the only company with video door locks — Lockly’s Vision Elite, which The Verge’s Jennifer Pattison Tuohy reviewed in 2022 lacks Home Key support and offered only so-so video performance, but she found it otherwise solid. Eufy has a video doorbell as well. Neither supports HomeKit, though, helping the Tapo one stand out for homeowners working within that ecosystem.

The new Tapo device is part of a slew of announcements the company made today, which included the new Matter-compatible Tapo H500 Smart HomeBase that serves as the brains of Tapo cameras, similar to Eufy’s HomeBase hubs. Tapo’s hub includes 16GB of internal storage that’s expandable by connecting up to a 16TB hard drive or SSD. The company says it uses AI to recognize humans, pets, and vehicles through any Tapo cameras that are connected to it. Other smart home products TP-Link announced today include: