iOS 17.2 enhances telephoto camera on iPhone 15 Pro, introduces Qi2 to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

iOS 17.2, the upcoming operating system update for Apple’s iPhone, will bring several improvements and new features to the devices. One major improvement is the extension of Qi2 compatibility to all models in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series. This means that users will be able to charge their iPhones on Qi2 chargers with 15 watts instead of the previous 7.5 watts. This eliminates the need for the expensive MagSafe certification and allows for lower-priced chargers. Qi2 will also be supported by Android smartphones in the future, allowing households with iPhones and Android devices to use the same charger without compromising on performance.

In addition to the Qi2 compatibility, iOS 17.2 will also bring improvements to the telephoto camera of the iPhone 15 Pro. The telephoto cameras of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will reportedly have faster focus capabilities with the new operating system update.

Another notable feature of iOS 17.2 is the unlock of spatial video recording on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This allows users to record 3D videos that can later be viewed on the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

The update also introduces Apple’s new Journal app, which provides a platform for users to document their thoughts and experiences. The Action Button can now be used to start a translation, making it easier for users to communicate across different languages. The Weather app has also been updated with an interactive lunar calendar and new widgets.

Health data can now be queried and entered via Siri, making it more convenient for users to access and update their health information.

Overall, iOS 17.2 brings several improvements and new features to the iPhone, including extended Qi2 compatibility, improved camera performance, spatial video recording, new apps and functionality, and enhanced Siri capabilities. The update will be available to all users of compatible iPhones in the next few days.