Vision Pro experiences glitches for well-known Apple informant

Apple’s Vision Pro headset reached its first customers on February 2. Apple’s new Vision Pro mixed-reality headset appears to be the buggiest first-generation device ever launched by the tech giant. That’s the opinion of Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter and a reliable Apple tipster who has offered a slew of reliable leaks about the Vision Pro’s development in the last few years.

Gurman picked up his own Vision Pro during the device’s launch day on Friday, and since then, he’s been putting it through its paces. Writing on social media on Sunday, Gurman said: “The Vision Pro software makes the device the buggiest first-gen Apple product I’ve used. Some things don’t work properly or consistently.” Though he has not shared any examples, he added that as a result, “software updates will need to come more rapidly and often than on prior products. And when they do, I believe it’ll be incredible.”

In another post, Gurman compared the Vision Pro to other Apple devices, suggesting that Apple’s first smartphone ran much more smoothly when it came out. “The iPhone wasn’t buggy from what I recall; It was just missing a lot. The Watch was buggy, but less so; its hardware was behind. The Vision Pro does a ton and its hardware is well ahead. That’s not a bad start.”

In his latest Power On newsletter shared on Sunday, the Bloomberg reporter also talked about his experience on Friday when he went to an Apple Store to collect his new Vision Pro headset, noting how the procedure is actually fairly complex as it includes an in-depth demonstration of the device, as well as a fitting session for comfort and also to ensure that the appropriately sized light seal is added.

In fact, Gurman found selecting the ideal light seal to be the trickiest part of the setup. Light was bleeding in from the bottom during the demonstration, he said, and he ended up buying a second seal so that he could try both at home (he’s since returned one but says he could yet swap it out).

The new Vision Pro owner also said that as other reviewers had been raving about the video quality, it was “hard not to be slightly underwhelmed” when he saw it for himself, while also adding that he was pleasantly surprised to discover that the device didn’t feel as heavy on his head as he’d been expecting.

He added that his early belief is that Apple’s Vision Pro headset will be “the ultimate movie-watching gadget, a great videoconferencing machine, and an alternative to laptops for light computing on the go.”