One Year with Smart Glasses: Documenting My Memories

I’ve been wearing the original Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses since March 2022, only to recently swap it out for the newer Ray-Ban Meta this past fall. I suggest getting the Ray-Ban Meta with transitional lenses because of its flexibility to adjust for daytime and nighttime use. I’ve worn them for just about every day in the last year to record the ordinary and bizarre. From candid moments that happen in a blink of an eye, to behind the scenes looks at what I’m working on, I love how the Ray-Ban Meta smart sunglasses give me a distraction-free experience. Another underappreciated feature of Ray-Ban Meta’s smart sunglasses doesn’t have anything to do with the hardware. Rather, it’s with the Meta View app and its ability to easily stitch highly editing clips I can share on my social media. As a videographer, I know how it can often be a painstaking process to go through several videos to trim out the best stuff. Whenever I rewatch my videos, it’s from my first-person view — which exemplifies that feeling of literally being in my shoes to that very moment I recorded that memory. There’s something truly magical about video: how glimpsing a short snippet can reignite the memory to picture perfect clarity.